“Are You That Somebody” was released June 16th 1998 but 16 years ago today {September 29th, 1998} it was sent to U.S. Pop radio stations {mainstream}. The song samples the sound of a baby cooing from Perrey and Kingsley’s 1966 hit “Countdown at 6” and D. Train’s 1982 dance classic “You’re the One for Me”.

Are You That Somebody was sampled {so far} in 12 separate songs since it’s released. Including; “Love me” by lil Wayne ft Future and Drake, “Phat Rabbit” by Timbaland and Ludacris, and “JKF” by Smoke DZA.

See full list of other artists who sampled  “Are You That Somebody” here: http://www.whosampled.com/Aaliyah/Are-You-That-Somebody%3F/

(via like-a-fucking-cannonball)